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This table comes from http://www.curryww1.com/compose/3/3.1/3.1_table2.1.htm

Unfortunately Stuart Curry's excellent site was blocked by the DET for student use. My apologies to Stuart for making a copy  

Australian Infantry Battalions World War I



First Division – formed in August 1914


1st Brigade

2nd Brigade

3rd Brigade

1st  Bn NSW

5th Bn VIC

 9th  Bn QLD

2nd Bn NSW

6th Bn VIC

10th Bn SA

3rd Bn NSW

7th Bn VIC

11th Bn WA

4th Bn NSW

8th Bn VIC

12th Bn TAS,WA, SA


Second Division – formed in August 1915


5th Brigade


7th Brigade

17th Bn NSW

21st  Bn VIC

25th Bn QLD

18th Bn NSW

22nd Bn VIC

26th Bn QLD, TAS

19th Bn NSW

23rd Bn VIC

27th Bn Mainly SA

20th Bn NSW

24th Bn VIC

28th Bn WA


Third Division – formed in March 1916


9th Brigade

10th Brigade

11th Brigade

33rd Bn NSW

37th Bn VIC

41st  Bn Mixed, QLD

34th Bn NSW

38th Bn VIC

42nd Bn QLD

35th Bn NSW

39th Bn VIC

43rd Bn SA, some WA

36th Bn NSW

40th Bn VIC, TAS

44th Bn Mixed


Fourth Division – formed in February 1916 ( 4th Bde was formed in January 1915 as part of the Anzac Div.)


4th Brigade

12th Brigade

13th Brigade

13th Bn NSW

45th Bn NSW

49th  Bn QLD

14th Bn VIC

46th Bn VIC

50th  Bn Mixed, SA

15th Bn QLD, TAS

47th Bn QLD, TAS

51st  Bn Mixed, WA

16th Bn WA, SA

48th Bn WA, SA

52nd Bn Mixed


Fifth Division – formed in February 1916


8th Brigade

14th Brigade

15th Brigade

29th Bn VIC

53rd Bn NSW

57th Bn VIC

30th Bn NSW

54th Bn NSW

58th Bn VIC

31st VIC, QLD

55th Bn NSW

59th Bn VIC

32nd Bn WA, SA

56th Bn NSW

60th Bn VIC


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